High Technology and Talent applied to Forex


The essential characteristics of the product that we humbly offer you could be described as a harmonious and efficient combination of technology and human talent towards the development of a hybrid functionality of financial assets, emphasizing the Forex market.


A team of expert Traders


Regarding the human element of the legendary EA system, we have a team of expert traders led by the same Michael Adams, some of who provide from the high quality training school “Markets Domination”.


It is also worth noting that each of our MAM accounts are supervised by at least two specialists, led by a qualified economist and an expert financial analyst. Due to the own nature of each MAM account, the team who administers them is in charge not only of customizing the parameters of our EA but also of generating operations that effectively reflect the risk criteria, trading models and the earnings expectations specific to each one of them.


Although each team is responsible and autonomous in the management of their own portfolio, they also work together when the occasion demands it or when particularly complex market conditions arise. It is precisely this structure that allows us to offer our investors the real opportunity of effectively diversifying and customizing their portfolios. The characterization of our accounts is unique and effective, thus avoiding particular risks having an overall effect on the aggregate financial assets.


Technology at the service of Forex Trading


 The technological element is implemented by our “crown jewel”, a legendary EA (Expert Advisor or automated trading system), who gives name to our project and who meticulously and efficiently executes various models and/or trading strategies which at the same time have successfully overcome the most demanding and robust statistical evaluation tests. The I+D process, which has taken more than 2 years, has followed 3 well differentiated phases, such as: Objective Market Theorization, Data Reading applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) modules and Statistical Parameters Optimization.


Objective Forex Markets Theorization


The first phase involves trading models design and cost-effective strategies, the algorithmic objectification of the main aspect of the markets such as volatility, liquidity, trend, seasonality, speculation, among others; as well as the design of risk management techniques and profit maximization such as “compounding”


Data reading with Artificial Intelligence


 The second phase involves Artificial Intelligence (AI) modules for important aspects such as economic data processing, including macroeconomic news and proxies for the analysis of various fundamentals, the development of simulation modules and response to such data; as well as for the automated re-calibration of the EA optimal parameters according to the criteria introduced by the expert Trader in reason to the risk level, trading model and return expectations.


Optimization of Statistical Parameters


The third and las step refers to the development of our own, unique and complex back testing software through which we are able to optimize the performance of our models, both individually and collectively, using for the effect corresponding price ticks to a GANN Cicle of 10 years.  We are truly proud of the end result reached by our team of researchers, and we are always deeply grateful to whom have generously supported and inspired this project. It is a fact that the level of development of the current available technology for individuals, not corporates nor institutional, it does not allow to fully eliminate the trading human asset. Our efforts to remain technologically current and updated won’t stop, and this is how we believe we will reach the absolute automatization level in the medium-term

Currently, our Legendary EA is responsible for between 50% and 60% of the operations performed in our accounts, being able to generate around 75% of the expected benefits according to the withstand risk level.

The complete I+D process can be seen here


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