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Legendary EA Affiliate Letter


Dear affiliate of Legendary EA


I’m George Fierro, founder and president of Legendary EA, and with respect, I would like to offer you a unique opportunity, a legendary business vision that will surely change your life. Before I go into detail, allow me to share with you my background, as well as explain you the reasons why I´ve decided to lead this project which is legendary as far as being revolutionary in a collapsing sector of Forex Market. 


I’ve dedicated my professional life to financial investments not just as a trader but as an academic, I’ve been mentor of other traders, brokers consultant, provider of trading models and/or strategies for various specialized firms, I´ve successfully led ambitious I+D projects for the implementation of cutting-edge technology to the development and optimization of automated trading models (Legendary EA being the most recent and solid), I’ve offered real solutions to many investors, in other words, I have lived and live off, by and for the financial markets specially the Forex Market.  


Legendary EA is born in a crucial moment for the investor sector in the Forex Market. The progress and increasing consolidation of new technologies, responsible of a global communicative delocalization without precedent in the human history has allowed the overcrowding and rapid spread of initiatives in all knowledge fields. Unfortunately, the online investment industry has not been spared and is saturated by not hundreds but thousands of fraudulent proposals which, supported by lucrative marketing budgets, have attracted and disappointed both investors and affiliates. I’m referring to multilevel business models, pyramids, signals sale to copy trading Forex and binary options, software and miracle trading models, and all of this is presented to the public using trickery and deceit.


This is why I´m proud to be able to say that I lead a different project, a vision supported not just by solid products but also by ferrous principles of transparency, information, and commitment. We want to build long term relationships both with our investors and affiliates, for which we offer truly unique juicy and recurring commissions, with exceptional conversion rates, so that your efforts are translated on stable, growing and robust earnings.


The unparalleled quality of our services, united with our team’s capacity for investor assistance are the best guarantee of conversion and retention of the traffic you generate. Our project needs promoters who are rewarded with the requirement “sine qua non” of growth and consolidation, in other words, we need you to revolutionize the sector. Join Legendary EA and offer real solutions, with full confidence that your earnings won’t result from the loss of unwary cheated people. We offer you a genuine business model, a serious and stable professional alternative, at the same time as you help bring financial solutions to those who search investor opportunities.


Thanks for your attention,


Yours truly,

George Fierro

Founder & President of Legendary EA



Terms & Conditions of Legendary EA


Terms and Conditions of Legendary EA Affiliate


Free and Easy

Our program is free, registration is easy and does not require any technical knowledge.



Our products and our teams’ capacity guarantees the highest conversion and retention rates of the market so that your effort is efficient.


Segmented Audiences

Our accounts are oriented towards the retail and investor markets so that you maximize your existent traffic channels.


Recurrent Payments

Generate commissions for all the payments made by the referred investors, for life…


Types of Commissions

We offer you CPAs for your retail traffic and rebate for the investor.


Multi-level Commissions

Increase your commissions as you reach your pre-established conversion goals.


Extraordinary Bonus

We reward your effort with extraordinary payments up to 350,000 USD.



Access your performance statistics (traffic, sales, balance, etc) in real time 24/7



We offer support and permanent resources to consolidate your campaigns, such as banners, landing pages, etc.


Withouth Minimum Balance

We pay you  until the last USD earned.


Montly payments or by demand

We pay you monthly or any time you require it.


Anti-fraud Policy

CPA’s payment is done once the reimbursement period of our investors has expired. But do not worry, we have the strongest products in the sector.



Status & Commissions Legendary EA


Our affiliate program rewards your dedication increasing your commissions as you reach your conversion goals.


Status & Commissions of Legendary EA Affiliates


1    License Account includes the Turbo and Pilot accounts in all subscription modalities, from Monthly up to Vitalis Plus. The exposed values are calculated on the basis of the price of the Vitalis Turbo license. The “CPA” commissions are not compatible with the “Rebate Inverstor” type.

2    The commission payment type “CPA” for the no Legend licenses will be made at the end of the corresponding reimbursement period.

3    The commission payment type “Rev-Share” for the Legend licenses will be made once the established operability volume for each affiliate status is reached and is not recurrent.


     Conditions and Restrictions Apply.


Bonus & Benefits of Legendary EA


We reward your dedication with extraordinary juicy bonuses each time you reach a better status.


Bonuses & Benefits of Legendary EA Affiliates


1    Conversions are calculated according to the type of account in which the commissions are generated, being these (CPA and Rev-Share type) incompatibles.

2     Payment will be made 3 months after the end of the reimbursement period corresponding to the last License conversion and before the respective upgrade. Shall not be taken into consideration those conversions for which a reimbursement application has been processed and/or a dispute procedure has been escalated for the used payment processor.

3    Calculated values on the basis of the Vitalis Turbo memberships.

4    Payment will only be made once the minimum operation volume, established according the affiliate status, has been reached.


     Conditions and Restrictions Apply.



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