Dear Investor;


Warm greetings.


I’m an economist, a professional Trader, financial markets analyst and a visionary. In the last 15 years of experience I’ve not only made a living out of trading but I have lived by and for trading and Copy Trading in the Forex Market. I’ve experienced the financial markets from all possible perspectives, as an academic, as a client, as an investor, as a consultant and as a developer of trading automated models, I´ve even been very immersed in the business as a Brokers promoter.


Aware of the importance that the interdisciplinary approach has in the Forex Copy trading, I had the fortune to lead, for more than 2 years, an ambitious Research and Development project to create advance models of automated trading under the auspice of Markets Domination (MD); in which we applied the best of diverse disciplines such as artificial intelligence, mathematics, quantitative methods, algorithmic development and of course economy.  I, George Fierro, expert Forex trader, founder and artifice of John Anthony Signals and JAFX, I wish to acknowledge, in particular, Markets Domination, because without its support, the Legendary EA project would have not been possible. MD is, above all, a traders training school, an online community for the free and open access of information between traders and investors. An important part of its portfolio includes the conceptualization, coordination, direction and funding of I+D projects related to the application of high technology to the study, automatization and objectification of financial markets.  At this point it should be noted that MD emerges in response to two key issues: first the generalized indignation towards fraudulent online business models that take advantage of the dreams of innocent investors to sell them a fake product; and then, the need to efficiently take advantage of the talent of people who lack of an infrastructure to grow professionally.


Result of such arduous effort is the EA we put to your disposal and which we have decided to name “Legendary”.  Our EA has successfully overcome the most varied conditions of the market since the 22nd October of 2015, date in which it was connected to a real account and which statistics you can find here. I must warn that the implemented parameters imply a quite liberal risk perspective, as well as the history record is the result of a naturally hybrid trading, meaning it includes operations manually performed by me and Copy Trading. 


Now, our EA is a summary of trading strategies which respond to such diverse stiles such as “trending”, “reverse”, “scalping”, “hedging”, of short and medium duration. This includes “compounding” modules (which consists in using part of the profit made to increase the volume keeping the same risk), “Profit securitization” (which ensures part of the profit made, leaving it outside of the “compounding”), “trading stop-loss” (which modifies the “stop-loss” to ensure more pips), among others. I must highlight that our EA efficiently articulates each one of the models to generate the highest benefit at the lowest risk (even though the parameters can be modified to answer to different risk tolerance levels), applying a selective and highly rentable trading. I invite you to see the “roadmap” followed by our team.


Our project is not only legendary due to the optimal quality of our actives, (meaning EA as well as our team of traders), but also due to our excellence policies, diversification and transparency at everyone’s reach. Let me briefly explain our principles. Excellence, which not only means offering the best product but also the best investor service; and you represent the main essence of our vision. On the other hand, Diversification implies offering customized solutions to the largest amount of investors, for which we have designed 3 regulated MAM accounts, unique in the risk level, trading model and earning expectations, besides different types of accounts, subscriptions and memberships. Finally, the transparency that characterizes our differentiation based in the respect of our investor, respect to the right of being reimbursed in case of dissatisfaction during the set terms, as well as to work with a regulated, formal and strong Broker and Partners.


I wrap up this letter inviting you to know us since we are here to stay, with the solely purpose that our investors generate real and reasonable profit in Forex Copy Trading according to the risk level that better suits the expectations of each one.



George Fierro

Founder and President of Legendary EA 


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