Legendary EA is the Best Auto Trading system of Forex. 

London City of Forex


Dear Investor,


We are aware of unfortunate experience you may have certainly had by investing in dubious online schemes, particularly related to the Forex Market, including but not limited to multilevel business models, binary options plots, written signals, “miraculous” trading strategies that simply do not work, poor quality software, etc. I must admit that I myself have been victim of unscrupulous people that promise highly profitable investment solutions, apparently with low risk but that never delivered.


For that reason, I´ve decided to lead the Legendary EA project, created and structured to make a difference, refining the financial investments industry in the Forex Market through solid products and a sophisticated hybrid Auto trading, with total transparency and respect towards our investors. Ultimately it is our vision to create, if any, expectations of reasonable and achievable returns. For this reason, in Legendary EA we offer you products developed with pioneering cutting-edge technology, as well as a team of expert Traders exclusively dedicated to ensure that your Forex investment grows in a sustainable way in time and with the least possible risk.


In Legendary EA we are different because we are open to socialize with our investors the reasons behind the every copy trading position while providing clear answers to all concerns that may arise. We welcome all investors regardless of their capital Throughout a wide range of products that also account for different risk and profit orientations, i.e., we intend to democratize business opportunities.  And perhaps as the most unique feature of our business model, we enhance legality and transparency; accordingly we have partnered up with regulated investment funds and prime brokers with robust liquidity, and manage investments though regulated MAM accounts.  Consequently, our investors’ money will always be held in segregated accounts owned by them we are and will always remain faithful to our principles, reason why we offer the refund policy with the greatest guarantees of the Forex Market Auto Trading.


Finally, I would like to highlight that we relentlessly strive to bring you a unique, profitable and well informed experience, with the objective of building with you a long term relationship based in mutual trust and a steady growth. We are a team of experts with an extensive academic background strengthened with a rewarding experience in the research school of That makes us unique, different, strong, transparent and highly qualified in Auto Trading and Copy Trading.


I wrap up this letter with an invitation to get to know us. I will always remain at your entire disposal.


Thanks a lot,


George Fierro

Founder and President of Legendary EA

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