We use cutting-edge technology, a solid and profitable EA, we manage regulate MAM accounts provided by a liquid Prime Regulated Broker and rely on a team of expert traders; all that to deliver you the best Forex Market investor experience.

Hi Technology & Talent applied to Forex

Our product could be described as the efficient combination of technology and human talent for the development of a hibrid operability of financial assets,  specially the Forex Market.   

As for the human component of the Legendary Expert Advisor system, we count on a team of expert Traders led by the very own George Fierro, some of whom come from the Marketsdomination prestigious traning school.   Read More…


We are Legendary

We apply a multi-disciplinary approach to the analysis, objectification and automation of financial markets while remaining faithful to our principles of excellence, diversification, transparency, legality and commitment.

Selective Hibrid Training

Expert Auto Traders complement the Expert Advisor by placing highly selective and profitable position

Cutting-edge Technology

We apply artificial intelligence models to process data and self-adapt the Expert Advisor to market changes

Customized Products

We offer varied alternatives in terms of distinctive approaches of risk, profit expectation and Copy Trading models


Prime Regulated Broker

We operate with a true ECN Broker that is regulated in the most important jurisdictions worldwide

Regulated MAM Account

We manage your investment with efficiency, transparency, commitment and in a totally legal manner


Scientific Approach

We apply scientifically robust methodologies of Auto and Copy Trading

Segment Accounts

Your investmented money will be held in your own segmented bank account of which you will always remain in full control


Professional Counseling

Together with our top regulated partners we offer premium personalised financial advisory

Types of Accounts

TURBOFrom 104 USD/monthly
  • Without minimal investment1
  • Without Benefit Sharing2
  • Volum Operability based in Coverage Models
  • Liberal Risk4
  • Guaranteed refund during 30 days
    • Minimal investment of 10,000 USD
    • Without Operability Quote2
    • Selective Operability based in Price Cycle Models
    • Low Risk4
    • Benefit Sharing from 5%3
*Terms and Conditions

Verifiable Performance

Check out the live-performance records of our Personal Forex Account with over a year of duration. Analize the statistics of the last few months.

Gráfica Forex Legendary EA
Estadísticas de Forex Legendary EA
Forex Estadísticas Legendary EA

Special Memberships

Diversify your Portfolio and gain access to more than one account for life.

  • Professional Customized Advising
  • We offer a Diversified Portfolio
  • Unrestricted access to all MAM Accounts1
VITALISFrom 1,199 USD2
  • Without Recurring Payments
  • Professional Customized Advising
  • Unrestricted access to all MAM Accounts1
*Terms and Conditions

Special Offers

We offer you the opportunity to get to know us and take advantage of our Special Offers of Auto Trading.

OFERR 2 x 1
  • XXX
  • 2 months for the price of 1 in your Turbo monthly accounts1
  • XXX
  • XXX
  • Get for Free now  The Legend Plan  and invest only 3.000 USD1
  • XXX
  • XXX
*Terms and Conditions

Affiliates Plan

We have design the most transparent and generous affiliation program in the Forex Market, with the highest conversion and retention rates to offer you a truly professional alternative.BECOME AN AFFILIATE NOW

Legendary EA is Different

Get to know us and allow us take up the challenge to demonstrate what we are made of, let us build together this Forex legend


We apply cutting-edge technology in the conceptualization, objectification and automation of our models


Liquidity and Trust

We work with a prime, financially robust and highly liquid Broker, as well as with a regulated asset management partner to offer you a trustworthy and profitable investment experience


Our wide range of products, accounts and an expert counseling will help you diversify your portfolio efficiently



We build reasonable profit expectations, tailored to all implied risk


Our refund policies offer the most coprehensive warranties of the the Forex market



We provide our investors with full information about the inherent risks

Unique Experience

We count on a solid team to solve any doubts you may have including the reasoning behind the performed positions



We count on performance records of more than one life-year in an account which demonstrates the robustness of our auto trading models

Legendary Statistics

Accumulated Return

Pips Earned


Monthly Profit

Monthly Average

Profit Factor


Consolidated Drawdown

Risk Reward Ratio


Floating Drawdown

Our Mission

“Transparency, quality and perseverance are the pillars upon which we built our shared dreams, common goals and legendary experiences. Our essence are our follower’s expectations, our project is to achieve them.”

“Our mission is to become a Legend…”

George Fierro

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